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Fremont Trees Awarded Grant

May 2019

The California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection gave notice that Fremont is one of the recipients of 2019’s Urban & Community Forestry Proposition 68 grants in the amount of $860,000. This will allow the City to: 

  • Establish Fremont’s first Urban Forestry Master Plan for all trees in streets and parks, including a 40-year plan horizon for planning the creation of a healthy and expanded urban forest,
  • Conduct a thorough inventory and assessment of over 70,000 public trees,
  • In the next two years, plant 250 new trees,
  • Establish an education and outreach program to teach residents how to care for and manage their trees,
  • Establish a community Tree Advisory Committee to help bring awareness and to promote the Urban Forest, help communicate values and benefits of trees to a diverse population, and to assist with tree disputes and appeals.

We look forward to a lot of new activities in the coming years around trees, the urban forest, and the expansion of one of Fremont’s most precious assets.


Cover of Arborist News, looking up into tree full of pink blossoms

Fremont Staff Published in Arborist News

Fremont staff member Kit Jory published two articles in Arborist News:


28 Palms

Beginning July 1, 2020, the City of Fremont will be permanently removing the two collection containers at Azeveda Park that have been provided for residents of the 28 Palms Neighborhood. These containers were a temporary measure to help the neighborhood manage palm tree debris.

It continues to be each resident’s responsibility to maintain the street tree(s) in front of their home including picking up the fronds and debris that may fall into the street. 

How to Dispose of Palm Fronds

  • Republic Services provides two free “Bulky Item Collections” to each Fremont household per year. The palm fronds and debris are considered garbage and can be picked up as part of that collection service. For pickup of palm fronds and debris, please call Republic Services at (510) 657-3500 to schedule an appointment.
  • Self Haul to Public Disposal Facility – Residents can take palm fronds and miscellaneous trash to the waste disposal site at 41149 Boyce Road. Please note there is a minimum dump fee of $53.60.

Residents who have a palm street tree are eligible to participate in the City’s 50-50 Street Tree Program. This program will reimburse the property owner for up to 50% ($750 maximum/tree with a maximum of two trees per property) of the cost to maintenance prune a permitted street tree(s). In addition to pruning, any property owner wishing to remove and replace a palm street tree with an issued permit will be eligible for the 50-50 Street Tree Program. Please note work must be completed by pre-approved contractors and funds for the 50-50 Street Tree Program are available on a first-come, first-served basis. For more information, please visit

The City values the role each resident plays in keeping the neighborhoods attractive and neat and improving the livability of Fremont. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at the number


Tree City USA Sign in the SpringFremont is a Tree City USA

This distinction is awarded by the Arbor Day Foundation to cities that care for their community of trees through a viable tree management plan and program. Our trees provide us: clean air and water, shade and beauty to name but a few benefits. Imagine what our City would look like without them.


The Difference Trees Make

A street without trees versus a street with trees

The Tree Preservation Ordinance (FMC 18.215) recognizes that trees contribute to the attractiveness and livability of the City of Fremont, provide environmental benefits, add to property values, and contribute to the livelihood of the overall City’s urban forest.