To make the most of your personalized one-on-one time with your SparkPoint Financial Coach, fill out your forms before your appointment. The forms can take some time, so be prepared to provide the following information:

  1. Income, Savings and Assets Information (account balances on savings, checking, retirement, etc.)
  2. Debt Information (account balances on credit cards, loans, child support, etc.)
  3. Average Monthly Expenses
    • Housing and Utilities
    • Food
    • Transportation
    • Medical/Dental
    • Education
    • Children/Child Care
    • Other expenses
    • Taxes paid monthly from pay stub

View and Print Forms

If you cannot print these forms from home, please pick them up from our office at 39155 Liberty Street, #A110, Fremont, CA before your appointment or arrive one hour before your scheduled appointment to allow time to fill them out. 

The information on these forms provides your coach with the most comprehensive picture of your financial situation.

First Appointment

Information and Welcome:  ENGLISH
Information and Welcome:  SPANISH
Income/Benefits:  ENGLISH
Income/Benefits: SPANISH
Assets/Debt/Expenses/Credit/Assessment:  ENGLISH
Assets/Debt/Expenses/Credit/Assessment: SPANISH
Employment/Education:  ENGLISH
Employment/Education: SPANISH

Follow-up Appointments

Follow up Information ENGLISH

Follow up Information SPANISH