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Web Portal
At this time, we are in the process of having our Web Portal updated!  This is a site that when up and running, will enable members to enroll and classes and renew their membership online. 

During this time, please come into the Senior Center (Monday - Friday, 8 am - 3 pm) to become a member and/or sign-up for classes.
We will let you know when the Web Portal is up!



Become a Senior Center member and enjoy the benfits of reduced lunch, trip and class fees as well as priority for limited capacity events.

Become A Member
  • Fremont Resident- $30 Annual Fee
  • Non-resident - $40 Annual Fee

Support the Fremont Senior Center

Now you can donate to the Fremont Senior Center online!

Your donation will help provide freshly cooked meals, healthy, fun classes, and a "second home" for thousands of seniors in our community! Thank you in advance for your donation!

Register as a non-member to be eligible to sign up for any class, trip, activity or club! Fill out the form online here!   

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