Special Event Sponsorship Program (SESP)

Updates to FY 2021-2022 SESP

The City Manager is recommending a one-time operating budget proposal to fund the Council-established Special Event Sponsorship Program for Fiscal Year 2021-2022. The amount of funds available for the program and for each applicable event is currently scheduled to be presented for consideration at the June 15, 2021 City Council Meeting.  

While the funds have not yet been approved, the City is immediately opening the application process for the FY 2021-2022 Special Event Sponsorship Program (SESP) to align with the FY 2021/22 budget approval process. To be considered for sponsorship, event organizers must meet all eligibility criteria and apply to the program. The deadline to submit your SESP application, along with your special event permit application and all relevant materials, is Friday, May 14, 2021 at 12:00 p.m. Late submissions will not be accepted. While the City understands this is a tight timeline, and there are still many variables with regard to the COVID-19 Pandemic, this deadline is essential for all applications to be reviewed and ultimately presented to Council for final approval prior to events taking place during the summer months. Additionally, City staff needs adequate time to plan and prepare for those events that require road closures and staffing resources. Special event permit application fees are waived for all event organizers who applied to the SESP in 2020. 

A Special Note about COVID and planning for your Special Event:

The COVID-19 Pandemic remains a fluid situation.  While it is anticipated that the State of California will soon loosen guidelines allowing various outdoor activities, there is no guarantee that large scale community festivals and events will be permitted.  If they are permitted, we anticipate many guidelines and safety protocols will be required for several months and possibly longer.  The City of Fremont will only permit events and activities as allowed and in alignment under the State and County’s health guidelines and that we believe can be executed in a safe manner.  For details on the State’s Health Order and COVID restrictions, please visit the State's website.

The final allocation of sponsorship funds will be determined and announced following the City’s FY 2021/22 budget adoption in June.  Sponsorship will be based on a full and complete application (we suggest submitting two options), the details submitted on the event application and the City’s approval of a sponsorship budget for FY 2021/22. If a City sponsorship is initially approved by Council but the event cannot be permitted due to COVID restrictions, the City’s sponsorship will be forfeited. All sponsorships will be provided at the time of billing and/or considered as a deposit payment based on current financial status with the City.  Due to the complexity of event planning and resource allocation, the City will not be able to accept major changes to an event after the permit application has been submitted.  Major changes include but not limited to: event location, duration, site plan/blueprint, road closures, traffic plan, stages and tents, capacity, security, and fire inspection needs. The City strongly encourages event organizers to review the current State guidelines and plan for an event that is allowable within the already published guidelines.  

The City looks forward to supporting organizers in ensuring safe, allowable, and successful community events.

SESP Program Overview and Goals

The Special Events Sponsorship Program (SESP) offers financial assistant to support large-scale special events in the City of Fremont.  These events include festivals, parades, and community celebrations that require services of the Police Department, Fire Department and/or the Street Maintenance Division on the day(s) of the event.  SESP awards are made once a year through a competitive application and review process.  The program aims to foster successful high-impact community events that:

  • Enhance economic development;
  • Encourage community participation;
  • Promote arts and cultural growth; and
  • Provide a rich variety of festivities for residents and visitors.

The program is not intended to support events where the primary purpose is fundraising for a cause. The SESP awards are meant to partially offset the cost of city services by providing financial support for events. Award amounts may vary per event per year. Organizers could request up to 50% of the anticipated total event cost or 100% of the anticipated cost of city services, whichever is higher. Award amounts may be less than the amount requested.


The Fremont Police Department manages the administrative process of the SESP, as the department also manages the permitting process for high-impact special events in the City. The special event sponsorship application and the special event permit application will be processed together in Spring of each year for events taking place in the upcoming fiscal year.

The SESP applications will be reviewed by a sub-committee of the Fremont City Council, and/or by a committee appointed by the Council. 

For detailed information regarding the program, including eligibility, fund use restrictions, evaluation criteria, application instructions and checklist, please refer to the program guidelines here.

2021 – 2022 Special Event Sponsorship Program Timeline


SESP Opens for Application

Thursday, April 29, 2021

SESP Application and Special Event Permit Application/Payment Due

Friday, May 14, 2021 at 12:00 p.m. PT


Review and scoring of SESP Applications

by end of May 2021

Council Review and Approval of funding

June 2021

Sponsorship payment made to applicant

After July 1, 2021

Final Report Due for Grantees

90 days after event

Application Process

Application Submission Deadline for 2021-2022 Special Event Sponsorship Program (SESP): Friday, May 14, 2021 at 12:00 p.m.

  1. Review the full Program Guidelines for the Special Event Sponsorship Program (SESP), which includes application instructions and checklist of documents and actions required. 
  2. Complete the Special Event Sponsorship Program (SESP) application, and prepare all relevant documents. If completing the form electronically, please ensure to download and edit/save the form using Adobe Acrobat.  Certain browsers may open the form but not allow you to save.  
  3. Complete the Special Event Permit Application for High Impact Events and prepare all relevant documents.  If completing the form electronically, please ensure to download and edit/save the form using Adobe Acrobat.  Certain browsers may open the form but not allow you to save.  
  4. Submit all application documents together before the deadline, via one of the following options:
    1. Email Submission – send all application materials in a single email to:

      • Recipients: Amy Gee (agee@fremont.gov) AND Barbara Yee- Charlson(BYee-Charlson@fremont.gov) 
        • Please be sure to include both Amy and Barbara on your email
        • You may wish to CC yourself to confirm the email has been successfully sent
      • Email Subject: 2021 SESP Application for Fill in name of your event
        (e.g. 2021 SESP Application for 4th of July Parade)
      • Email Body: Indicate this is an email submission of application materials for the 2021 SESP and special event permit for your event.  Include the total number of attachments, a list of all documents, and your contact information.
      • Attachments: Label all attachments according to document number and name on the application check list.  
        (e.g. 1. Special Event Sponsorship Application, 2. Event Organizer Financial Statements and Tax Returns, 3. 501c3 Registration, 4. City of Fremont Business Tax Certificate, or 4. City of Fremont Tax Exemption, 5. Special Event Permit Application, 6. Event Program, 7. Event Venue Permission, 8.1 Event Site Plan, 8.2 Tent and Stage Plan, 8.3 CA Engineer Approved Plan, 9. Traffic Plan, 10. Parking Plan, 10.1 Parking Plan, 10.2. Parking Lot Written Permission, 11. Vendor Information, 12. Public Safety and Crowd Plan, 13. Private Security Plan, 14. Daily ABC License Application, 15. COVID Response Plan)
      • Attachment Files may also be uploaded individually to a platform (e.g. dropbox) where a download link is provided within the email.  Please note all files must be uploaded individually and clearly labeled with the document number and name.  
      • Only PDF documents and PNG/JPG/JPEG image files are accepted.  Other file types are not accepted.  
      • Important: City of Fremont Staff have the ability to receive emails attachments up to a total of approximately 90 mb in size. If your total file size is greater than 90mb, consider uploading your documents to a platform or choose paper submission. 
      • Email must be sent & successfully received by Friday, May 14, 2021 at 12:00 p.m. PT. Sometimes it takes several minutes for an email to be delivered, especially for an email with multiple attachments. Your email is not considered received until a confirmation has be emailed by either Amy or Barbara.
    2. Mail Submission 

      • All application documents must be mailed together in one packet to the Development Services Center*:
        • City of Fremont Development Services Center
          ATTN: Special Event Unit
          39550 Liberty Street
          Fremont, CA 94538
        • *The application packet must be received (not merely postmarked) by the deadline. 

Note about Application Deadline

Applicants are strongly encouraged to submit their applications early to give themselves ample time to resolve any unexpected issues and to confirm the City’s receipt of the application prior to the deadline. Incomplete applications will be not accepted. 


There is no cost to apply to SESP, however, application and payment for the Special Event Permit is due at time of SESP application submission. Due to cancellation of the sponsorship program and all major events in FY 2020-2021, the special event permit application fee will be waived for those who applied last year but did not received a permit. Refer to our Special Events page for more information on the Special Event Permit.  If your event requires a stage or tent permit, additional documents and fees apply.  Stage and tent permit and inspection fees cannot be waived. 

Public Nature of Application Materials

Applications submitted for SESP become the property of the City of Fremont and shall be regarded as public records, with the exception of those elements in the application which are defined by the applicant as business or trade secrets and designated as Confidential, Trade Secret, or Proprietary. These elements are not required and not encouraged to be included in the application. The City shall not in any way be liable or responsible for the disclosure of any such application or portions thereof, if they are not designed as Confidential, Trade Secret, or Proprietary or if the disclosure is required under the Public Records Act. If an organization wishes to designate elements of the application as confidential, business or trade secret, they must submit a letter at the time of application identifying the specific sections of their application that should be defined as such. Although the California Public Records Act recognizes that certain information may be protected from disclosure, the City may not be in a position to establish that the information that an applicant submits is protected. If a request is made for information marked Confidential, Trade Secret, or Proprietary, the City will provide the applicant who submitted the information with reasonable notice to allow the applicant to seek protection from disclosure by a court of competent jurisdiction.


For questions regarding the Special Event Sponsorship Program or the permitting process for high-impact special events, contact: Amy Gee, Management Analyst, Fremont Police Department, Phone: (510) 790-6967, Email.

For questions regarding stage and tent permits, contact: Barbara Yee–Charlson, Permit Technician, Development Services Center, Phone: (510) 494-4561, Email.