Energy is an essential resource and significant contributor to the City of Fremont’s carbon footprint. As part of its ongoing climate action efforts, the City is committed to reducing the human health and environmental impacts of energy across sectors from power generation, buildings, transportation, and other applications.

Securing a cleaner, greener power supply, phasing out fossil fuel use, bolstering energy efficiency, shifting building systems to zero emission electric, transitioning to low and zero emission vehicles, and supporting the growth and deployment of local distributed renewable energy resources such as rooftop solar are all strategies for reducing the negative impacts of energy consumption.

Renewable energy sources such as solar and wind provide clean, easy, affordable, and resilient ways to generate electricity for your home or business while minimizing environmental impact. Energy efficiency and storage options maximize the use and benefits of energy, while lowering costs and GHG impacts. Find out more about permits, programs, and incentives by exploring the links below (coming soon).