Drive Slowly, Be Healthy

Drive Slowly, Be Healthy Campaign

The City of Fremont has launched a “Drive Slowly, Be Healthy” campaign which consists of comprehensive measures to manage traffic speeds for safety during the coronavirus pandemic and beyond.  The campaign includes advisory speeds on neighborhood streets to ensure safety when community members are out walking and practicing social distancing as well as measures to address the potential for speeding on arterial roadways during a time of reduced traffic. 

Neighborhood Street 20 Mile Per Hour Advisory Speed

The City of Fremont is advising the community to drive 20 mph on local streets during the COVID-19 Shelter in Place Order issued by the Alameda County Public Health Department and to be extra alert for people walking and bicycling.  Drivers should be aware that more people are out walking and biking for recreation and to access essential services and that people may step in to the roadway when maintaining a 6-foot social/physical distance from one another. 

To help communicate the 20 mph advisory speed, the City is partnering with its Mobility Commission and Bike Fremont to create and distribute yard signs to promote safe speeds on neighborhood streets.

All intersections are crosswalks. Stop for me!Yard signs will be available for community members to pick up for free at the following locations:

  • CentriPedal Bikes
  • Bike Garage
  • Fremont Schwinn Cyclery
  • Others to be added

Be sure to check out our “Drive Slowly, Be Healthy” music video featuring Fremont’s Mobility Commission. Stay safe!

Lowered Speed Limits on Arterial Roadways

On Tuesday, April 14, 2020, the Fremont City Council approved an ordinance to lower the speed limit by 5 mph along 38 street segments, including portions of Ardenwood Boulevard, Blacow Road, Driscoll, Road, Fremont Boulevard, Grimmer Boulevard, Mowry Avenue, Niles Boulevard, Paseo Padre Parkway, Peralta Boulevard Stevenson Boulevard, Warren Avenue, and Washington Boulevard. The project will involve the changing of 165 speed limits signs and will be done by City street maintenance staff during April and May.  There is a demonstrated relationship between speed and the frequency and severity of crashes.

Radar Feedback Sign Installation

Over the next two months, Fremont is also installing 30 new radar speed feedback signs at locations throughout the city increasing the number of these signs from 15 to 45. The signs provide feedback information to drivers of their actual speed and informs them to “slow down” if their speed exceeds the posted speed limit. The sign equipment captures speed data information that is transmitted in real-time to the City’s Transportation Engineering staff and is used to advise the Police Department of speeding “hot spots” for traffic enforcement.

 Existing Locations
 NB Paseo Padre Parkway At Darwin Drive
 NB Fremont Boulevard At Alder Ave
 NB Paseo Padre Parkway At Sequoia Road
 SB Boyce Road At Stevenson Boulevard
 NB Paseo Padre Parkway At Mento Drive
 SB Osgood Road Ar Blacow Road
 NB Osgood Road North of Auto Mall Parkway
 WB Washington Boulevard At Driscoll Road
 EB Washington Boulevard At Driscoll Road
 EB Washington Boulevard Between Olive Avenue and I-680
 WB Washington Boulevard Between Olive Avenue and I-680
 NB Paseo Padre Parkway At Onodaga Way
 NB Mission Boulevard South of S Grimmer Boulevard
 WB Warren Avenue At Navajo Road
 EB Scott Creek Road At Yampa Road
 New Installations (April - May 2020)
 EB Driscoll Road At Chiltern Drive
 WB Driscoll Road At St. Anthony Drive
 WB Scott Creek At I-680
 EB Thornton Avenue At Contra Costa Avenue
 EB Blacow Road At Grimmer Boulevard
 SB Grimmer Boulevard At Irvington Avenue
 NB Boyce Road At Auto Mall Parkway
 SB Deep Creek Road At Ariel Drive
 SB Paseo Padre Parkway At S Grimmer Boulevard
 NB Fremont Boulevard At Country Drive
 SB Fremont Boulevard At Gibralter Drive
 WB Thornton Avenue At Holly Street
 SB Blacow Road At Boone Drive
 NB Blacow Road At Stevenson Boulevard
 NB Palm Avenue At Tangelo Court
 NB Paseo Padre Parkway At Thornton Avenue
 SB Paseo Padre Parkway At Puttenham Way
 NB Deep Creek Road At Frederick Road
 EB Peralta Avenue At Acacia Street
 EB Washington Boulevard At Jerome Avenue
 SB Ardenwood Boulevard At City Limit
 WB Mowry Avenue Between Guardino Drive and Cherry Street