Pop Up Patio Pilot Program

Pop Up Patio – Piloting Outdoor Operations in Fremont

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In light of the rapidly escalating surge in COVID-19 hospitalizations statewide, health officers from six Bay Area jurisdictions announced today, December 4, 2020, that they were implementing a new Regional Stay at Home order to slow the surge of COVID-19 and prevent local hospitals from being overwhelmed. The Regional Stay at Home order will take effect in Alameda County effective 12:01 AM on Monday, December 7th. Because the City of Fremont is located within Alameda County, businesses and residents within Fremont are subject to the Stay at Home order. Our understanding of the order as it applies to Fremont businesses is as follows:

  • Restaurants and cafes may not operate indoor or outdoor in-person dining. Restaurants and cafe can only operate with takeout and delivery model. All Pop Up Patios in this sector must cease operations.
  • Bars and wineries may not operate indoors or outdoors. All Pop Up Patios in these sectors must cease operations.
  • Personal care services, hair salons, and barber shops may not operate indoors or outdoors. All Pop Up Patios in these sectors must cease operations.
  • Recreation businesses may not operate indoors. Recreation business Pop Up Patios may continue to operate outdoors subject to state guidance (100% masking, limited class sizes to allow for physical distancing, no food or alcohol served).

For additional information about the Regional Stay at Home Order and a comprehensive list of business types that must close or modify their operations, please visit the State of California’s website at https://covid19.ca.gov/stay-home-except-for-essential-needs/#regional. 

All Pop Up Patios from sectors closed under the Stay at Home order must cease operations effective 12:01 AM on Monday, December 7. The new restrictions are anticipated to remain in place until at least January 4, 2021. 

We know these new regional regulations are a challenging setback at a time when many are already financially struggling, and we look forward to resuming Pop Up Patio operations for a wider range of businesses as soon as it is safe and allowable to do so. 

During the Regional Stay at Home Order we are still accepting new applications. Applications for sectors that are not permitted to operate outdoors yet will be held in a “Ready to Issue” status until businesses are allowed to re-open. Apply today!

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Interactive Map of open businesses and Pop Up Patios/outdoor commerce in Fremont.

Pop Up Patio LogoIn light of revised guidelines from the Alameda County Public Health Department for the re-opening of local business activities, the City of Fremont launched a pilot program – Pop Up Patio. This program allows brick and mortar restaurants, retailers, and personal services, when permitted by the County, to use outdoor space to conduct business by granting temporary access to adjacent public or private space. Allowing businesses to create outdoor areas will provide them with additional capacity to serve customers, and in such a way assist with economic recovery. 

A core team of staff from Community Development, Community Services, Economic Development, Public Works, Police, and Fire Departments is spearheading this effort, under the direction and leadership of the City Manager’s Office.

Pop-Up Patio will allow the City to test out and feature proof of concepts for viable parklet options in Fremont’s business districts and commercial corridors on a short-term basis. With this pilot, the City aims to achieve the following:

  1. The current public health crisis significantly restricts brick and mortar businesses to conduct indoor operations, limiting revenue generation and thereby causing economic hardship for many small businesses. This pilot will provide assisted economic relief for businesses by developing a process that allows for restaurants and retail businesses to move dining and commercial activities outdoors.
  2. Allow staff and participating businesses to test and evaluate how to formulate standards and propose zoning amendments for a program that can be scaled city-wide.

The longer-term goal is to allow outdoor dining and public spaces on a permanent basis. Interested businesses will be able to obtain a permit through a streamlined process as soon as the County Order allows for outdoor dining. The pilot will evaluate the use of outdoor space for three different scenarios: on the public sidewalk; within public on-street parking spaces; and within private off-street parking lots. Pop Up Patio will be phased as indicated below:

  • Phase 1 – Allow temporary outdoor dining areas to operate until 60 days after the local emergency declared in response to COVID-19 is terminated. During that time, the pilot program will be evaluated and any adjustments deemed necessary to improve the program for businesses and public health and safety will be implemented.
  • Phase 2 - Propose formal, codified standards in the zoning ordinance that allow restaurants and other businesses to create semi-permanent outdoor dining areas. The experience and knowledge gained from the Phase One temporary program will help inform the standards to be developed in Phase Two.

In order to implement immediate relief for our local businesses, the City is currently accepting, reviewing, and processing Pop Up Patio permits despite the County Health Order restricting in-person dining and retail activities. Permits that are approved will be held in a ready-to-issue status until the County Health Order changes to allow outdoor dining and retail starting June 19, at which point in time applicants will be immediately issued a permit allowing them to build and use their Pop Up Patio.

For more information on the Pop Up Patio Program, please visit:

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Now Accepting Applications for Personal ServicesPop Up Patio Salon Logo

The City of Fremont's Pop Up Patio Program is now accepting applications for personal services including beauty and nail salons and barber shops. The same application process for outdoor dining applies to personal services. Permits that are approved will be held in a ready-to-issue status until the County Health Order changes to allow outdoor personal services, at which point in time applicants will be immediately issued a permit allowing them to build and use their Pop Up Patio. 

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Now offering Parks Business Operating Permits

Park Business Operating Permit

Community Services is now accepting Parks Business Operating Permits (P-BOP) to allow commercial businesses when permitted by the County, to use outdoor temporary park space to conduct fitness classes. Learn more at the PBOP Webpage.

line break imageAlameda County Issues Updated Guidance on Outdoor Dining

On July 15, 2020, Alameda County’s attestation to become a variance county was approved by the State, which means Outdoor dining can resume. Please note that face coverings are required at ALL times and may only be removed during the physical act of eating or drinking.

Not all State websites may reflect this update at this moment, approved plan is posted by the California Department of Public Health.

We understand that it is extremely frustrating and confusing for our businesses to keep track of changing guidance coming from the State and County. The City of Fremont is advocating strongly for Alameda County to ensure all County-level requirements are in place so that outdoor dining can resume as soon as possible, and we will post updates as soon as they become available.

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