Ride-On Tri-City!  Transportation Services 

The City of Fremont Facilities are Closed until further notice.

Although all in-person appointments for transportation assistance have been suspended until further notice, Tri-City seniors and individuals with disabilities are still able to call the Ride-On Helpline for assistance (510)574-2053. Staff will be available by phone to connect community members with essential transportation services (i.e. to and from dialysis clinics, medical appointments, etc.) and help address transportation concerns and questions.

Ride-On Tri-City! assists seniors and people with disabilities residing in Fremont, Newark and Union City with all of their transportation needs. Transportation Resource Specialists are available by phone or in- person to discuss an individual's transportation needs and help the individual get connected with the right transportation services and resources. If you have questions about the transportation services listed, call Ride-On Tri-City! at (510)574-2053.

Ride-On Tri-City! is a program of the City of Fremont's Human Services Department. The program provides affordable transportation to and from destinations in Fremont, Newark and Union City.

Ride-On Tri-City! Helpline

Transportation Resources Specialist can help answer any questions about  getting around in the community. 

Travel Training 

Learn about public transit features that make riding easier for seniors and people with disabilities! Through classroom instruction and a field outing on bus and BART, you will learn how to plan trips, read transit schedules, pay fares, transfer between buses and BART and travel on transit safely.

Ride-Hailing Service

Subsidized Lyft rides within Fremont, Newark and Union City are available 8am to 6pm, 7 days a week, for participants with their own smartphones and have an active Lyft account (app downloaded and payment method set up). 
Individuals who do not have smartphones can get discounted Lyft or Uber rides Monday-Friday, from 8am to 6pm, through a call center. 
Rides are on-demand and usually arrive within 5-10 minutes of ride request. 

Taxi Service

Our subsidized Taxi Service provides rides within Fremont, Newark and Union City and are available 8am to 6pm, 7 days a week. Rides are requested on the same day as needed.

Wheelchair Van Service

Our  Wheelchair-Accessible Van Service is available to Fremont and Newark residents who use wheelchairs or who are ambulatory and require special door-to-door assistance. 

Programs funded by Alameda CTC http://www.alamedactc.org/ through Measure B and Measure BB Sales tax.