Arbor and Pergola Demolition at Warm Springs Community Park and Bill Ball Plaza

Bill Ball Plaza Pergola Demolition

This project is located near the Centerville Amtrak Station along Fremont Boulevard and Peralta Boulevard. The project scope entails the demolition of three existing wooden pergolas, which includes the "west pergola", "east pergola", and "south pergola". The "central pergola" shall remain in place and protected at all times. The project scope shall also include the removal of wisteria vines, removal of light fixtures and electrical wiring and conduits, removal and re-installation of benches and trash receptacles, and installation of new pavers.
Bill Ball Plaza Pergola
Bill Ball Plaza Pergola

Warm Springs Community Park Arbor Demolition

This project is located at Warm Springs Community Park. The project scope entails the demolition of nine existing concrete columns and footings and exposed aggregate concrete pad, and the installation of import topsoil, sod, soil preparation and amendment, and irrigation modifications, and a 30-day plant establishment period.
WSCP Arbor
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