2022 Concrete Repair & Intersection Ramps Project

A brand new curb and ramp in Fremont

About the Project

The project involves the reconstruction of damaged curbs, sidewalks, and driveway approaches. New curb ramps will also be installed at select street intersections. Where necessary for the installation of new concrete, trees will either be root pruned or replaced.

Location & Priorities

The concrete repairs address 165 locations and include:

  • Street segments where concrete damage is highly concentrated
  • Individual citywide locations where damage is especially severe

The curb ramps installations include 211 ramps at 104 locations throughout the City and includes:

  • Locations identified by the “Safe Routes to School” program
  • Locations requiring an update or the installation of new ramps due to pavement work
  • Locations requested by residents


Work on this project is scheduled to begin in early 2022 and will continue through the end of 2022.

Tree Replacement

The City has inspected all the trees and sidewalks affected by the project. See a list of trees that are planned to be removed and replaced.  An arborist will make the final decision on whether a tree requires replacement during construction.  Wherever possible, efforts will be made to preserve trees rather than replace them. 

Project Funding

This project is funded by Vehicle License Fees (VRF), SB1, and Measures B.  Visit  Alameda County Transportation Commission  (ACTC) and  SB1  for more information about the voter-approved funds.

Alameda County Transportation Commission Your Voter Approved Tax Dollars at Work

Contact Information

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