Sidewalk Repair

Who is Responsible?

Even though the property owner is responsible to maintain sidewalks next to their property, the City does have options that can help.

If you are interested in repairing the sidewalk next to your property submit a Sidewalk Repair Request. We will process your request and notify you about the next step. 

Button, Sidewalk-Repair Request 

  1. Get added to a waiting list for the City's Concrete Repair Program to repair the sidewalk. The City has a modest amount of funding to fix limited locations.
  2. Minor damage may be fixed by the Maintenance Department. Subject to staff availability.
  3. Major damage to sidewalks next to City streets caused by tree roots may be eligible for the 50-50 Sidewalk Program. This program reimburses the property owner up to 50% of the cost of sidewalk removal and replacement to a maximum of $1500 per property.


Button, Apply for 50-50 Sidewalk Program