Plan Check Review

Electronic Plan Review 

All new requests for planning permitsbuilding/fire permitssolar permits, and engineering permits are processed through Electronic Plan Review (ePR). When requesting one of these types of permits, applicants should use the City’s online permitting portal, Citizen Access, to submit their project plans and connect with City staff on the review process. For more information, please visit the City's Electronic Plan Review webpage.

New Residential Construction, New Commercial Construction, and Tenant Improvements with Exterior Modifications

The City of Fremont provides a one-stop coordinated process for the review of projects and building plans by an interdepartmental team. Staff consists of representatives from the Planning, Building, Engineering, Landscape, Environmental Services, Transportation and Fire Departments. This interdepartmental team reviews each project for compliance with:
  • Zoning
  • General Plan
  • State Building Code
  • Fire Code (including hazardous materials)
  • Landscape requirements
  • Various elements of the Fremont Municipal Code (including the Subdivision Ordinance, Street Right of Way, and Improvement Ordinances)
  • Environmental Services (Storm Water and Solid Waste)
  • Other established development policies

Required Reviews

Review is required for all new construction types, except for interior improvements and single-family detached homes not in a Planned District, Planned Unit Development, or the Hill Area.

​Minor Residential and Commercial Projects

Review for Minor Residential and Commercial Projects can be done by appointment only. Review the requirements and schedule an appointment by calling 510-494-4461.
Please be advised that expedited plan check reviews are not available at this time. We will continue to monitor this and provide updates when available.


Review is required for any changes to approved plans. The revision requirements can be found here.

Concurrent Review

Some projects are permitted to submit for concurrent review for both a planning permit (Ministerial Design Review) and building permit. Common projects that qualify for concurrent review include new accessory dwelling units, single-story additions to single-family homes (regardless of size), industrial/commercial tenant improvements, and industrial/commercial site improvements. To find out if your specific project is eligible for concurrent review, contact Planning by email or by calling 510-494-4455.

To submit a concurrent review application, you must submit the following:

Other Resources

The Guide to Engineering & Land Surveying from the California Board for Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors has answers to frequently asked questions and shows the codes that support the given answers. 

The Professional Design Limitations states when a professional designer is needed to prepare plans, drawings, or specifications as well as the limitations for unlicensed persons when preparing plans, drawings, or specifications.

For more information about this page, please contact Plans and Permits at 510-494-4460.