Title: What is Kindness to You?

Intersection: Blacow Rd. @ Robin St.

Artists: Malia Santos, Siri Suvvari, Maneeha Khan, Emily Daguno, Dorothy Nguyen, Rebecca Powell, Jamie Lee, Mehek Ghattora, Samantha Martinez, Kayla Serafin, Priah Paramore, Lucinda Chow, Nilofer Hafiti, Keyanna Milenia Pinzon

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Inspiration Statement: "Kindness isn't just one person's achievements, but cooperation and understanding between everyone. This design uses different interpretations of kindness that were drawn by a diverse group of people and incorporates them all into one. The use of many unique ideas made by many people brought together to create a whole shows teamwork and therefore, kindness."

Sponsor: Niles Rotary

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