Vendor/Solicitor Permits

Who is Considered a Vendor?

Any person, including employee or agent of a group of individuals, partnership, corporation, who sells or offers to take orders or sell food, beverages, goods, or merchandise from a mobile vending cart, vehicle, or trailer is considered a vendor. 

Who Needs a Permit?

  • Food trucks (Two or more food trucks together need a group site permit)
  • Ice cream trucks
  • Sidewalk vendors, pushcarts, trailer, or door to door solicitors
  • Charitable vendors/solicitors (working on behalf of non-profit/charitable organizations)

This permit is not limited to the list provided.

Permit Applications

Permit Submission

All applications must be submitted in person at the Revenue Division in the Development Services Center.

Please review the check list from the application and make sure you have all the information required before coming in. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

Permit Validity/Renewal

  • Vendors and Solicitors Permits are valid for one year from the month of issuance, are non-transferable, and must be renewed annually
  • Permit renewal applications must be submitted 60 days prior to the expiration date and are subject to the same evaluation criteria as the original application

Other Requirements

Annual Fees

Fees are applicable to new and renewing permit applications. To recover the cost of administering the Vendors and Solicitors Ordinance, the fees are in effect July 15, 2021.

Ice Cream VendorsVendors & SolicitorsGroup Site VendorsCharitable Solicitors
Background Check Fee$113$113$113$113
Vehicle Re/Inspection Fee$36___

Permit Exceptions

Exceptions for which the ordinance does not apply include:

  • Any sales under a court order
  • Catering activity 
  • Traveling salespersons, commercial travelers, or the like who exclusively or primarily sell to, or solicit orders for future delivery, from local retailers, local businesses, local governments, local schools, or local wholesale businesses 
  • City of Fremont employees conducting City business 
  • The sale of a newspaper subscription in which the seller is a person engaged in both the delivery and sale of the newspaper
  • Educational institutions that are accredited by the California Board of Education 
  • A civic organization whose headquarters is located in the city
  • Any political group seeking funds or membership 
  • Garage, yard, or similar sales by individuals at their residence or place of business not exceeding two separate sales in one calendar year, not to exceed three days each, which sales shall not include business inventory or items that have been purchased for the purpose of resale at another garage sale
  •  Any activity conducted pursuant to a Special Events Permit or a permitted farmers’ market 
  • Organizations that solicit solely within the membership of the organization by the members thereof 
  • All veterans qualifying under the California Business and Professions Code

The Vendors & Solicitors Ordinance

Effective July 15, 2021, The City has repealed and replaced City of Fremont Municipal Code 5.35 Commercial Solicitors and Vendors with Municipal Code Chapter 5.35, Vendors and Solicitors.

The new Chapter provides more comprehensive regulation of mobile vending and commercial/charitable solicitation activities and includes provisions to comply with recently revised State law. 

The newly established Vendors and Solicitors Ordinance requires all vendors and solicitors operating in the City to obtain a City-issued Vendors and Solicitors Permit. This permit requirement includes, but is not limited to, food trucks, ice cream trucks, and charitable solicitors. Vendors and solicitors must meet all applicable City, State, and federal law and licensing requirements to be issued and maintain a City of Fremont Vendors and Solicitors Permit.

Informational Presentation About the Permit & Ordinance

Informational Video of Presentation

A review of the presentation by City Staff.