Flame of Inspiration

Inspiration Plaza at Embark Apartments
44762 Old Warm Springs Blvd.

This art installation was made possible by the City’s District Art Program and is located in the Warm Springs Innovation District at Inspiration Plaza, a new outdoor plaza within the Embark Apartments mixed-use development. The City selected “Flame of Inspiration” by artist Amie J. Jacobsen through a public call for artists and a detailed art selection process. Amie designed the artwork under the premise that Fremont, as part of the Bay Area, is an area known as the present day epicenter of technological innovation. The artwork represents the beginning spark or "flame" of inspiration that starts innovation. While not meant to have religious connotations, the structure and colored glass panes are meant to emulate the same purpose of cathedrals from the 1600s, a place people can go to sit and contemplate in the presence of something beautiful. "Flame of Inspiration" represents the beginning of all great ideas and the motives that fuel them as a society.

The artist, Amie J. Jacobsen, is a designer, sculptor, and public artist living and working in the Kansas City area. A lifelong creator, she has produced work in painting, illustration, graphic design, 3D design, and metal-working. She holds a BA in studio art from Western State Colorado, as well as an MFA in illustration from the Savannah College of Art and Design. In 2017, Amie was awarded her first large scale sculpture commission and moved into her own studio and workshop. Today, Amie's studio is located in Independence, Missouri, where she and her team produce sculptures, artisan furniture, and public art pieces throughout the U.S.

Flame of Inspiration
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