Small Cell License

Why do I need this Permit?
 The City has an interest in having a reliable wireless infrastructure network to serve the communication needs of City residents, businesses, public services, and advanced transportation system management.  
Wireless service providers are working to expand 5G networks throughout the United States which requires the deployment of small cell technology (small wireless facilities).  For additional information please visit the City’s Small Cells Project website.   A Small Cell License is required by any local wireless service provider who wishes to install small cells on City-owned street lights, excluding poles within historic districts and decorative light poles.   The online application process for a Small Cell License requires the applicant to submit a Form of Pole License.  After a Small Cell License is obtained, an encroachment permit is required prior to beginning any construction or installation.


To view planned and active small cell equipment locations visit


How to Obtain a Small Cell License

Accela Citizen Access Opens in new windowNew engineering permits can be requested online at
 For more information, please visit the City's 
Online Permits webpage.

Small Cell License Submittal Requirements

Exhibit A – Form of Pole License 

   *Exhibit A-1 – Pole Location/License Area 

   *Exhibit A-2 – Licensee’s Conceptual Drawings

   *Exhibit A-3 – Form of Acknowledgment Letter

Radio & Antenna Equipment Specifications/Cutsheets

Pole License Administration Fee


*Exhibits A-1, A-2, and A-3 are a part of Exhibit A – Form of Pole License and are only listed separately for reference. A description of information needed for each exhibit is included in Exhibit A – Form of Pole License.


Other City Permits
 For information about other City of Fremont permits that are not processed and issued by Engineering, please visit the City’s 
Online Permits webpage for more information..

Permit Fees
 For fee information, see the 
Fee Schedules.

Coordinating with Other Agencies
 To assist you in obtaining your permits, coordination with outside agencies may be necessary. Visit our 
Agency Coordination List for the contact information of these different agencies.

 If you have any questions about the Small Cell Permit application process, please call the Engineering Information Line at 510-494-4700 or contact Engineering staff by