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The Role of Technology in Wellbeing

This year, which is the third annual project, with the focus on how technology is being used to promote social and emotional health in youth, we invited high school students across Fremont schools to participate. The project runs from January 11 through the end of March.

The selected Youth Wellness Ambassadors are learning how technology is transforming youth health and wellbeing, they get to participate in a small cohort or their peers and help to evaluate an emerging wellness and productivity app (developed by a high school student in Fremont), build knowledge and awareness about youth mental health, develop friendships and leadership skills, and have the opportunity to present what they have learned to the Fremont community.

Meet the 2022 Youth Wellness Ambassadors:    
Aavineet Pahwa John F. Kennedy High School 9th grade
Rajorshi Chatterjee Mission San Jose High School 9th grade
Sanah Bhardwaj Mission San Jose High School 10th grade
Anika Dileep Mission San Jose High School 10th grade
Rishab Pala Mission San Jose High School 10th grade
Yash Kilam Mission San Jose High School 11th grade
Selina Song Irvington High School 11th grade
Peiyue (Peyton) Yang Irvington High School 11th grade
Shashank Karthik Mission San Jose High School 11th grade
Ahana Guin Mission San Jose High School 11th grade
Youth wellness ambassadors 2022

AdityaAditya Mittal is the 2021/2022 YFS high school student volunteer helping to raise awareness about the importance of youth mental health and assisting us with the Youth Wellness Ambassador community service project.  This year our project is to learn about the role of technology in promoting Wellbeing.

 Aditya is a Junior at American High School. He has been an avid competitor on his school’s Science Olympiad/Science Bowl teams since elementary school. He enjoys hands-on projects in programming and robotics. He hopes to use his interests to apply technology to better understand human cognition & behavior and improve the lives of people.

 He started this journey with the launch of Zenn Path, a mobile application that combines task and mood management to intelligently recommend ways to boost productivity. He is also the founder of Neuromatter, a youth Neuroscience organization, that inspires curiosity and excitement for the intersection of science and technology, paving the way for innovative applications in medicine, artificial intelligence and wellbeing.

 Outside his pursuits in STEM, he is an active volunteer in his school’s Red Cross Club, responsible for raising thousands of dollars for the community. He mentors students in debate as captain of the school’s Debate Team and plays on the school’s Varsity Tennis Team. As a Boy Scout, he loves building things, outdoor adventures and sleeping under the stars.