Development Activity

The Development Activity Map provides a snapshot of projects in the city. You can zoom in to see more detail for a given area. The Development Activity Table provides more detail including: project description, project status and project statistics. It also provides contact information for both the applicant and the City’s project planner.

0Development Activity Map_CloseupwithLegend

Please refer to the following map and table for more information. 

Accela Citizen Access
Civic Insight
Introducing Citizen Access, the City of Fremont’s new online tool for looking up permitting information on a specific property, checking on the status of a permit, requesting a building inspection, and submitting a complaint to the City's Code Enforcement division. Citizen Access is quick, convenient, and easy to use. Visit to get started.
Introducing Civic Insight, the City's new interactive map that plots major development (vertical construction) permit activity citywide over the past 10 years. Visit to get started.

For minor permit activity (e.g., solar, home occupation, encroachment permits), use Citizen Access.