About City Government


City governments are typically responsible for services that are most particular to the interests of specific communities, such as public safety, land use regulation, infrastructure maintenance, parks and recreation, local social services, garbage collection, and recycling. The City of Fremont provides all these services directly except for garbage collection and recycling, which are contracted with Republic Services.

Government Officials

The City Council, including six council members and the Mayor, is elected by citizens of Fremont. This unit adopts the City's budget and makes all major policy decisions. The City Council appoints a City Manager, who hires all City staff and manages the day-to-day business of the City. Advisory bodies work with the City Council and identify issues before the Council makes final decisions. 

Schools and Utilities

Schools are managed by the Fremont Unified School District. The School District is not part of the City government organization, but the two entities work in partnership on selected issues. 

Water and sewer services are provided by special districts, which are legally constituted government entities that are neither cities nor counties. They are established for the purpose of carrying on specific activities within their borders. Water services are provided by Alameda County Water District, and sewer services are provided by Union Sanitary District. Electricity, natural gas, and cable television are provided by private, for-profit organizations.  View Utilities for a list of providers.

County, State, and Federal Government Functions

Fremont is one of 14 cities in Alameda County. Alameda County has a variety of functions, including supervision of elections, law enforcement, property assessment, public health, social services, and libraries. 

Alameda County is one of 58 counties in the State of California. The State is responsible for functions that are more particular to regional interests, such as educational funding, transportation, utility regulation, working conditions, and driver licenses. Most cities, including Fremont, are subdivisions of the State and exercise powers according to provisions of State law.
The Federal government deals with issues that cross state and national boundaries, including national defense, foreign relations and trade, and monetary policy.  The Federal government also has a significant role in transportation, health funding and policy, and education funding.