Bid Results


The following are the City's most recent Bid Results for current projects. For further information, please contact the Purchasing Division at (510) 494-4620.

         Bid Results     


          Dell Servers and Storage with Prodeploy Services
           FY19-20 Multipurpose Senior Services Program
           HNC Perimeter Fence Project
          2020 Cape and Slurry Seal Project
          Cost Allocation Services
          Traffic Education Services
          2020 Pavement Rehabilitation Project
          Personal Computer Deployment Services
          2019 Fremont Senior Center Dry-Rot Replacement Project
          On-Call Construction Management Services
          Purchase of Buildout Equipment/Installation for PD Hostage Negotiation Vehicle 
          Drinking Fountain Replacement and Connection Project
          On-Call Surveying Consultant Services

          Fire Stations and Training Facility Landscape Maintenance Services
          On-Call Complete Streets Tech Assistance
          Startup In Residence (STiR) Program, Challenge: Interactive Story Maps
          Environmental Clearance, Preliminary Engineering and Final Design of Sabercat Bicycle/Pedestrian
          Elevator Modernization Project
        Comprehensive Parks and Recreation Master Plan 
          Rubrik-Enterprise Backup Solution
          Groundwork Fire Break Maintenance Services
          Mission Creek Bridge Replacement Feasibility Study
          2019 Citywide Concrete Repairs and Intersection Ramps
          2020 Pavement Crack Seal Project
          Comprehensive Development Impact Fee Update
          Consulting Services for GIS-Based Tree Inventory

          Consulting Services for Peoplesoft Human Capital Management
          Playground Maintenance and Safety Resurfacing
          Fire Fighter Protective Clothing
          Groundwork Fire Break Maintenance Services
          Grinding/Maintenance of Concrete Pathways at Central Park
          Landscape Maintenance Service for Library and PD Facilities
          Solar Powered Radar Feedback Signs
          Fire Department Airboat, Trailer and Accessories
          Trail Strategy Plan 2019
          Document Scanning and Indexing Services 
          Fremont Civic Center-Phase 1-Downtown Event Center and Plaza
          On-Call Land Use and Development Related Consultant Services
          Police Organizational Workload Study
          Community Engagement Services for the Relinquished SR84 Complete Streets Project-Phase 1
          Maintenance Center Storage Warehouse Project
          Homeless Encampment and Illegal Dumping Abatement
          Fremont Teen Center Feasibility Study of Building Replacement Options 
          Various Traffic Supplies
          Financial Audit Services
          On-Call Geotechnical Peer Review Services
          Human Svcs. Dept. Electronic Health Record System Software
          Stivers Lagoon Outdoor Classroom
          Citywide Parks Identification Sign Improvement Program
          Traffic Signal Equipment
          Blacow Rd-Gatewood St and Grimmer Blvd-Seneca Park Ave Traffic Signal Installation
          Ride On Tri City Taxi Program
          On-Line City Services-Constituent Relationship Management (CRM)
          2019 Tree Root Uplift Pavement Rehabilitation Project
          Warm Springs Manufacturing Innovation Center Executive Consultant
          Municipal Fleet Electrification Study
          Mission Creek Trail Design Services
          Installation, Removal, Repair, Service & Purchase of Vehicle Accessories & Equipment
          On-Call Water Well Maintenance Services   
          Janitorial Services for City of Fremont Police Department Facilities
          Development Services Center HVAC & Roof Replacement
          Recreation and Facilities Software System
          Cisco Catalyst 9300 Switches with SmartNet Total Care
          Janitorial Services for City of Fremont Facilities
          Purchase of Traffic Signal Equipment

          American Sign Language Services
          2019 Cape and Slurry Seal Project
          2019 Pavement Rehabilitation
          Fire Department Standards of Cover Assessment
          On Line Bid Invitation and Distribution Service
          Design & Implementation of a Website for the City of Fremont's Police Department

          Sabercat Historical Park Weed Abatement By Goats
          Purchase of Fire Hoses
          Purchase of Police Tactical Radio Communication Headsets
          Graphic Artist Services for the City of Fremont Recreation Guide
          Street Sweeper Brooms
           Investment Advisory Services
          Professional Pest Control Services
          Auto Body Repair & Fabrication Services
          Washington Blvd Safety Improvements Project