2017 Fremont Bicycle Master Plan Update

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The City of Fremont has been working to update its 2012 Bicycle Master Plan. Work on the Bicycle Master Plan update began in the spring of 2016 and at the February 15, 2017 Bicycle Pedestrian Technical Advisory Committee (BPTAC) meeting the City introduced the Draft Bicycle Master Plan. A primary focus of the Bicycle Master Plan is to implement an “All Ages & Abilities Bicycle Network”.  Development of a low stress bicycle network that is safe, providing connectivity and access to housing, employment centers, shopping, schools, recreation centers and transportation hubs. 

Review the October 2017 Draft Bicycle Master Plan 

Please submit comments to Rene Dalton by e-mail at rdalton@fremont.gov or you can contact him by telephone at (510) 494-4535. The next public meeting to review the Plan is scheduled on July 27, 2017 with the Environmental Sustainability Commission. To receive an agenda or obtain more information about the upcoming meeting contact Rene Dalton.

Bicycle and Pedestrian Programs

The City of Fremont's Bicycle and Pedestrian Program's primary objective is to provide cyclists and pedestrians with safe and accessible routes to all destinations that are served by public roads, trails, and various forms of public transit within and outside the City. 
This program covers the 5 E's - Engineering, Education, Encouragement, Enforcement and Evaluation. An approach that draws from all the 5 E's will be the most successful in improving safety, and increasing the number of Fremont residents bicycling or walking to work, schools, shopping centers, and recreation facilities. 

The program also promotes accessibility and mobility for persons with special needs such as the elderly and disabled by providing facilities that will assist them in their transportation needs. See Paratransit for additional details and resources. 
The Measure B and BB Bicycle and Pedestrian Programs are Alameda County's half-cent transportation sales tax in which a portion of the funds are allocated for the planning and construction of bicycle and pedestrian programs.  Measure B was first authorized by voters in 1986, and re-approved by voters in 2000 to sunset in 2022. Measure BB was voter approved in 2014 and continues half-cent transportation sales tax and augments the existing 2000 Measure B sales tax program. For more information on countywide transportation improvements, visit the Alameda County Transportation Commission.

For traffic safety tips please go to Fremont Police Departments Facebook page.

2012 Fremont Bicycle Master Plan

The Fremont Bicycle Master Plan provides a blueprint for making bicycling an integral part of daily life in Fremont. The Bicycle Plan provides for a citywide system of bike lanes, bike routes, bike paths, bicycle parking, support facilities, and a variety of programs to allow for safe, efficient, and convenient bicycle travel within Fremont and connecting to destinations in adjacent cities.

The Plan can be viewed by clicking 2012 Master Bicycle Plan.

2016 Pedestrian Master Plan

The City of Fremont recently completed the update of the 2007 Pedestrian Master Plan in December 2016.  The 2016 Pedestrian Plan is one of the primary documents in the implementation of the City's General Plan, Mobility Elements chapter. 

The Plan can be viewed by clicking 2016 Pedestrian Master Plan.

The Bicycle Advisory Committee (BAC)

The Bicycle Advisory Committee (BAC) consists of the Recreation Commission members and is advisory to the City Council.

Bicycle and Pedestrian Technical Advisory Committee (BPTAC)

Bicycle Pedestrian Technical Advisory Committee (BPTAC) members are advisory to City staff and their primary role is to provide input to staff in the development of the City's bicycle and pedestrian facilities and programs. BPTAC members serve a four-year term. The BPTAC meets on the third Wednesday of the month and on an as-needed basis.
View a copy of the most recent Agenda 


7:00 pm
Third Wednesday of the month
Niles Room
39550 Liberty St.
Fremont, CA 94538
Most Recent BPTAC Minutes


The current committee members are:
  • Gary Suplick
  • Steve Skala
  • Phillip Swenson
  • Ken Wu
  • Melissa Avery

Fremont Bikeway Map

You can view and print a copy of the Fremont Bikeway Map here. If you'd like a copy mailed, please use the online form and include your mailing address in the comments section, or call (510) 494-4745. (If you reach voicemail, please leave your complete mailing address and your phone number in case we have questions.) 

For comments or questions, contact Sonny Sunak at (510) 494-4749.

Other Bicycle Plans

Alameda County Bicycle Plan
Regional Bicycle Plan (MTC)

Fremont Pedestrian Master Plan

The Fremont Pedestrian Master Plan is a policy plan intended to encourage walking as an alternative mode of travel in Fremont while implementing the pedestrian related goals and policies of the General Plan. The development of the Pedestrian Master Plan involved the City's Bicycle and Pedestrian Technical Advisory Committee (BPTAC) with extensive public input and six public meetings over the course of its development. View the Fremont Pedestrian Master Plan Part 1 and Fremont Pedestrian Master Plan Part 2 for more information.

What the Plan Includes

This Plan includes goals, policies, strategies, and phased recommendations that:
Encourage walking as a means of travel
Improve the pathway system for people with disabilities and children walking to school
Increase the overall number of pedestrian trips
It focuses on enhancing pedestrian safety at crosswalks and along streets, as well as provides a blueprint for improving residents' quality of life, creating a more sustainable environment, and reducing traffic, noise, and energy consumption.

For any additional information or questions, contact Rene Dalton, Associate Transportation Engineer, at (510) 494-4535. View more of our community maps