Grading Permit

“Grading” means excavation (cut), fill, or any combination of excavation and fill. Depending upon the type of construction project or the type of grading being proposed, a grading permit may be necessary. The Grading Ordinance governs the standards and requirements pertaining to grading within the City of Fremont. The Grading Ordinance is Title 18, Chapter 18.205, of the Municipal Code.

The purpose of the Grading Ordinance is to ensure maximum preservation of the City’s natural scenic character by complying with minimum standards and requirements related to land grading, excavations, and fill while protecting the general public and community environment.

Applications and Information Sheets
Grading plans are reviewed to ensure a grading project conforms with Preliminary Grading Plan conditions of approval, the Fremont Municipal Code, Fremont development policies, Fremont standard details and specifications. Grading plans must be submitted with a completed Engineering Application Form.

The following contain general information on when a grading permit is required and the application submittal requirements. If you have questions about grading permits or need more information, please contact the Engineering Division at 510-494-4700.