Subdivision Permit


“Subdivision” means the division of improved or unimproved land for the purpose of sale, lease, or financing. Subdivisions also include the creation of condominiums, whether residential, industrial, or commercial. In Fremont, subdivisions are either Tract Maps or Parcel Maps. Though there are some exceptions, typically the following definitions apply to subdivision projects in Fremont:
  • Tract Maps (also known as Final Maps) are required for all subdivisions creating five (5) or more parcels or condominiums. A tentative tract map must be approved before a tract map can be submitted to the Engineering Division.
  • Parcel Maps are required for all subdivisions creating four (4) or fewer parcels or condominiums. A tentative parcel map must be approved before a parcel map can be submitted to the Engineering Division. Industrial or commercial parcel maps can sometimes create more than four parcels.
  • Tentative Tract Maps and Tentative Parcel Maps refer to a map made for the purpose of showing a proposed subdivision. Tentative maps applications are processed through the Planning Division.
  • Improvement Plans are construction drawings for a subdivision project and typically include plans for streets, utilities, grading, and landscaping.
  • Subdivision Map Act is the state law that governs subdivisions within California.
  • Subdivision Ordinance is the section of the Fremont Municipal Code that pertains to subdivisions. The Subdivision Ordinance is Title 17 of the Fremont Municipal Code.

Applications and Information Sheets

Tract Maps, Parcel Maps, and Improvement Plans are reviewed to ensure the subdivision complies with the tentative map conditions of approval, the Fremont Municipal Code, the Subdivision Map Act, Fremont development policies, Fremont standard details and specifications. Map and improvement plan must be submitted with a completed Engineering Application Form.

The following information sheets contain the design criteria, application submittal requirements, and review timelines for subdivision projects. If you have questions about subdivision applications or if you need more information, please contact the Engineering Division at 510-494-4700.

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