Film Permit

Permit Information
Discover Fremont's filming opportunities! Located within Silicon Valley in the San Francisco Bay Area, Fremont offers a variety of locations:
  • Historical districts
  • High-tech industries
  • Picturesque lake
  • Numerous parks
Permit Requirements
  • It is not lawful to conduct film activity within the City of Fremont without obtaining a film permit (exceptions to the City's Ordinance shown below)
  • Film permit application must be submitted at least 15 business days in advance of the first day of filming for major productions and 10 business days for small productions.
  • Complete Indemnity and Hold Harmless Form.
  • Complete Insurance Certificate and Additional Insured Endorsement ($1,000,000 General Liability insurance naming the City of Fremont as additional insured)
  • Applicant must obtain the permission and/or lease for private property not owned by the City of Fremont
  • No Application Fee
  • City Parks - still photography $200/day, video $400/day
  • Additional fees and charges may be required for filming on City property, use of City equipment, Patterson House at Ardenwood Historic farm and for City Staff
Film Permit Exemptions
If your film activity includes one of the following, a permit is not required:
  • Film activities conducted for the purpose of reporting on persons, events or scenes which are in the news for newspapers, television news and other news media
  • Film activities conducted at a Fremont film studio, where film activities are the sole purpose of the establishment
  • Filming activities for use in a criminal investigation or civil or criminal court proceeding
  • Non-commercial filming activities conducted on private property solely for private or family use
  • Commerical still photography, or staging thereof, when conducted to the exclusion of other filming activity when the photography will not take place on City property and will not require the parking of more than two motor vehicles on any public street within the City of Fremont
More Information
For more information, contact Maya Williams at the Fremont Police Department at (510) 790-6967. After you have completed the FILM PERMIT APPLICATION, email it to:, fax it to (510) 790-6741, or mail it to:

 Maya Williams, Special Event Manager
Fremont Police Department
2000 Stevenson Bl., 2nd Floor
Fremont, CA 94538