Mission Blvd. / I-880

I-880 Goal & Objectives
The Mission / I-880 Interchange and HOV Lanes project is designed to enhance traffic efficiency and safety and capacity in and around the interchange of I-880 and Mission Boulevard (Route 262) in southern Fremont.

Benefits & Improvements
This project will improve traffic flows on the freeway as well as between I-880 and I-680 along Mission Boulevard. Local traffic circulation between commercial and industrial areas on both sides of I-880 will be improved by the extension of Warren Avenue over I-880. The project extends existing carpool lanes to connect with carpool lanes in Santa Clara County.
Mission I800 Rendering.jpg Funding
The $178 million project is funded by the following:
Construction Phases & Project Components
This project will be constructed in three phases with the following project components:
  • Phase 1A (fully funded and under construction)
  • Phase 1B (partially funded)
  • Phase 2 (not yet funded)
Additional Information
For information on each of these project components, please visit Construction Phases and Project Components. For more information regarding the project, contact Gidget Navarro at Caltrans at (510) 286-5574.