Digital Submittal Standards & Requirements

In an effort to increase efficiency and optimize digital technology, the City of Fremont is requiring the submission of Computer Aided Design (CAD) digital files for new developments and address assignment. These files allow for improved accuracy and currency of the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) base map while reducing redundancy of data. During the permit process, the applicant will be informed if a digital submittal is required along with instructions regarding the submittal process. These requirements became effective on June 21, 2013.


  • Digital Submittal Requirements: Contains detailed instructions and information (pdf) on:
    • CAD standards and layering conventions
    • Coordinate system
    • Survey control points
  • AutoCAD Requirements: A spreadsheet (pdf) containing a listing of the required elements including where the information is needed and its format.
  • AutoCAD Layers and Blocks: A DWG file containing pre-defined layer and block definitions.