Landmark Trees

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Connecting Fremont's Past & Future
Fremont is home to many Landmark trees that decorate the city with heritage. Their locations often coincide with historical farms, ranches, nurseries, orchards and wineries that were once owned by early pioneer families such as Shinn, Rock, Stanford, Chadbourne, Vallejo, and Patterson.

The City of Fremont places great value in promoting and protecting its historical or landmark trees so that the link between our past and our future remains unbroken. 

Old Landmark Tree Publication Cover

The First Publication

In the early 1970's, a group called the City Beautiful Committee gathered information and documented tree species and their locations. In 1973 the City of Fremont published this booklet.


The Updated Publication

This booklet, published in 2012, has  been updated to "retire" trees which have not stood the test of time, and to include new landmark trees. 

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Sample Page

Landmark Publication Page Sample
Explore the Landmark Trees in your Neighborhood
Centerville tree thumbnail


Includes many trees along Fremont Blvd. 


Includes Shinn Historical Park and Fremont Hub.
Irvington Landmark Palm Trees
Includes palms from the old Gallego Winery.

Mission Tree Thumbnail
Mission San Jose
Includes many trees along Mission Boulevard and Sabercat Historic Park.
Niles Tree Thumbnail
Includes historic California Nursery.

North Fremont Thumbnail
North Fremont
Includes Ardenwood Historic Park.

South Fremont Landmark Tree Image
South Fremont
Includes majestic pines in the industrial district.
Warm-Springs Tree Thumbnail
Warm Springs
Includes the largest California Sycamore in Fremont and trees near Mission Peak trailhead.

Landmark Trees by Planning District

Whole Landmark Tree Inventory Map
Criteria for Landmark Status
When a tree receives Landmark status, it is under protection and preservation, and can only be removed by the approval of City Council.

The City Council considers any of the following characteristics for establishing new Landmark Trees:
  • Trees with trunk diameters over 4.5 feet when measured 4.5 feet from ground level,
  • Excellent structure or unique structural character
  • Excellent health
  • High aesthetic appeal
  • Good longevity
  • Historical importance