City Manager


The City Manager is responsible for:
  • Providing support and advice to the City Council
  • Offering leadership and policy support for departments
  • Fostering community partnerships and interagency collaboration
  • Connecting citizens with their community
  • Providing legislative policy support
As Fremont's City Manager, Karena Shackelford serves as the Chief Executive Officer for the municipal corporation. She is responsible for providing leadership and direction to City staff and for providing information, advice, and assistance to the City Council.

The City Manager's Office supports the City Council's efforts to engage in legislative advocacy in support of the City's interests.

Results of Community Survey

Community Survey

A community survey was conducted in 2012, 2013, 2016, and 2018 by the firm of FM3 through a random telephone survey of Fremont residents. The goal of the community survey was to take a broad look at how residents feel about Fremont and various City services, as well as other priorities. In recognition of Fremont’s diversity, the survey was conducted in multiple languages. 

The 2018 survey, which included 705 interviews with residents to determine the community satisfaction with current services and to identify issues the community would like addressed, found that overall residents believe the City is a good place to live and are generally satisfied with the services they see most important, such as public safety, garbage and recycling, and park maintenance. Unsurprisingly, concerns raised by residents included the cost of housing and rate of growth and development, which affects many Bay Area and west coast communities, and the survey revealed other areas of importance, including senior programs, road maintenance, and homelessness. While the survey results are largely good, City staff will be developing strategies to address areas identified for improvement.

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