Just for Fun Camps

Our just for fun camps emphasize play and trying new activities. Sometimes summer is all about meeting new friends, making fun crafts, playing games and just enjoying the break from school! Our goal is to create fun summer memories! All camps are one week in length. Many are offered multiple weeks. Click the tabs below to find out more and register!

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For more information, call (510) 791-4196 or email rkiehn@fremont.gov
Don't forget to bring a lunch, and two snacks.

Magic Farm House                                                                 
Based on the popular Magic Tree House book series, participants will be transported back in time to discover life on the farm in the 1800's. Participants will have exclusive access to the Patterson House participating in old fashioned art, cooking, games and even a train ride!

Organic Kids!                                                                          
Want to learn about farming? Love animals? Join us as participants learn the importance of life on an organic farm through hands-on cooking activities, plant and animal identifications, farm chores, and a walking field trip to Perry's Organic Farm Stand!

Into the Wild      
Led by Ranger Laurie from Central Park, discover nature as we go 'Into the Wild' at Ardenwood Historic Farm. Participants will be exposed to Common Core State Standards through outdoor fun and hands-on learning. Engaging Activities include nature walks, wild and domestic animal identification, hands-on investigations, art projects and much more!

Chef Picasso Camp                         
Make magic in the kitchen and find your inner artist in the same camp! Participants will measure, prep and dish a new recipe as well as discover a new art technique everyday! Each week is different and will include a cookbook complete with recipes and pictures of each participant!

Roughing It                            
Ever wonder what it was like to live in the olden days or how to survive in the woods without modern technology? Come find out as we explore various outdoor activities including wilderness first aid, survival techniques, and species identification, along with experiencing life on a farm in the late 1800's.

Early American Girls                                     
Do you wish you lived in the little house on the prairie? Spend a week at Ardenwood Historic Farm with exclusive access to the Patterson House! Participants will be exposed to Common Core State Standards while experiencing history through the eyes of girls from the Revolutionary War through WWII. Activities will include hands-on old fashioned cooking, crafts, historical costume dress-up, and even a tea party!

Bookworm Adventures
Do you love the Wizard of Oz, Star Wars, Charlotte's Web and 'Little House' books? They all have farms in the plot! We are going to explore a book a day and all of our activities will revolve around it! This will be fun!

Bug's Life Entomology Camp
Did you know that the Pokemon phenomenon has happened because of the creator's love of insects as a child? Open that world for your young person. We will discover the secret life of insects as we go 'buggy' at Ardenwood Historic Farm. Through outdoor fun and hands-on learning, the activities will reinforce Common Core State Standards. Engaging activities include nature walks, insect identification, hands-on investigations, art projects and much more!

Dirty Jobs! at the Farm

Kids will try their hands at some of the dirty jobs that kept this farm and community alive and kicking back in the day. Dig into clay to make a piece of pottery, seek out a story for the local newspaper. find what it takes to care for farm animals, learn what blacksmithing is all about and more.  Kids will be delving into the Centerville area’s history and it’s time for them to grab their work gloves, wear their grubbies and help out! They will participate in activities like adobe brickmaking, cowboy roping, leather tooling, candle making, printing your own headlines and more! 

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