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Trolls Forest Fun!
Join the Happy Forest of Trolls!  Children will make arts and crafts, and even bake recipes inspired from the movie. Create your very own Troll Scrapbook, journaling all your adventures throughout the camp week!

Pokemon Camp
Join the Pokemon craze!  Children will make arts and crafts, and even bake recipes inspired from the Pokemon series.  Create your very own Pokemon cards and battle your friends!  

Fine Arts Camp
Find the creative artist in you!  Join us as we touch upon different mediums, styles, and artists.  Explore painting, collage, drawing, sculpting, and more.  This camp encourages creativity and enhances coordination, imagination, and fine motor skills.

Pottery and Plants Camp
Students will create usable ceramics items, using their hands to manipulate and mold the clay. Campers will also dig in the dirt to grow their very own plant in their creative ceramic container. Students will share their knowledge of plants and learn about simple planting techniques. Fee includes all supplies and materials.

Project Runway          
Save money and express your own style. Design clothing using sewing patterns and learn sewing safety tips and stitching techniques by hand and with machine. Sewing machines provided for each two students. Learn to read patterns to make clothing and more. With three days of designing, cutting fabric and threading bobbins under their (very chic) belts, campers will rock the runway and get to strut their styles. Students will receive a supply list at the first day of class.

Drawing & Sketching 101                 
Learn and develop skills in drawing and sketching! Activities include information about perspective, line and shading. Students will be encouraged to visualize and form their own original pieces of art.

Comic Book Universe
Explore the process of creating characters and comics from brainstorming to final product. Kids will develop a story and create a universe full of their one original characters (or existing ones). Spend a week doing activities relating to comic book stories and take your creations home!

Shutterbug Photo Camp
Learn to see the world through a lens, picking up fun tips and tricks to become an official Shutterbug! Each camp day brings on a new photography challenge, including taking photos outdoors. Shutterbugs even get the chance to print out their artistic shots. A photo art exhibit will take place on the last day of class for family and friends. Students must have access to a functional digital camera. Nothing too fancy, but we recommend a point and shoot camera with some manual capability to maximize the photography experience. Instructor will make his best effort to monitor the careful use and safekeeping of all cameras, but some risk remains. instructor Len Cook has over 25 years of experience.


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