Building Inspection


39550 Liberty St.
Fremont, CA 94538

(510) 494-4400

(510) 494-4398

Link: Building Inspection

Please be advised that Building Inspectors spend the majority of their time in the field. If you cannot reach an Inspector and leave a message, your phone call will most likely be returned the following business day. Thank you for your patience.

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
West, Gary Building Official 510-494-4413  
Soong, Kono Building Inspection Supervisor 510-494-4405  
Byrne, Sue Building Inspection Supervisor 510-494-4406  
Campanile, John Building Inspector 510-494-4420  
Cardwell, Dustin Building Inspector 510-494-4419  
DeMarta, John Building Inspector 510-494-4408  
Edgemon, Mark Building Inspector 510-494-4416  
Gusman, Johnny Building Inspector – Plumbing Specialist 510-494-4423  
Jensen, Finn Building Inspector 510-494-4412  
Locher, Cassandra Administrative Assistant 510-494-4478  
Moerk, Keith Building Inspector 510-494-4429  
Sousou, Lena Building Inspector 510-494-4415  
Thompson, Scott Building Inspector 510-494-4418  
Tignor, Joey Building Inspector – Electrical Specialist 510-494-4424  
Washoe, Devin Building Inspector 510-494-4404  
Webber, Jerrel Building Inspector 510-494-4417