What is the City’s Holiday Giving Hope Program?
The Holiday Season is a time of reflection to count personal and family blessings and to share the love we have received during the year with others. Some in our community live economically on the edge of crisis just struggling to maintain the barest of necessities for themselves and their families. Help those served by the Fremont Human Services Department by being part of Giving Hope—a program that aids needy families, children, frail isolated seniors, and their pet companions by bringing them holiday cheer. Last year through community contributions, we raised $22,000 in cash and $45,000 in toys, clothes, food, gift cards, and household items for a grand total of $67,000. This allowed us to serve over 71 families during the holidays (320 individuals), 200 seniors, 26 seniors’ pet companions and many families throughout the year.

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2. What is the City’s Holiday Giving Hope Program?