What types of units does the Ordinance apply to?

Units that are covered under this Ordinance include any housing unit offered for rent or lease in the City consisting of one or more units whether attached or detached, single- or multiple-family, and mobile homes. Mobile homes are subject to this Ordinance only to the extent of the mobile housing unit itself, not the underlying real property pad which is subject to FMC Chapter 9.55, Mobile Home Space Rent Stabilization.

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1. Does the Ordinance prevent a landlord from raising a tenant’s rental amount?
2. Are landlords required to file copies of the rent increase notices with the City?
3. What types of units does the Ordinance apply to?
4. How does a tenant request rent review?
5. Is participation mandatory?
6. Can I have a representative participate in consultation/mediation on my behalf?
7. What is “landlord retaliation?”