Why is there a new system?

The old system is about 20 years old and will no longer be supported. The new system (ActiveNet) is a cloud based platform. New features include: enhanced search functions, google maps integration, instructor information, calendar sync, and more.

The City's Age Well Centers began using a new system to allow customers to perform transactions online such as buying a membership, purchasing a meal, registering with the center, and signing up for a class more easily. The new system also allows the center to go paperless, which is more environmentally friendly and track all transactions more uniformly and securely.

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1. Will my CLASS account and login work with the new system?
2. Will I have access to my CLASS account after Fall (December 2020)?
3. What will happen to the information in the old system (CLASS account)?
4. How do I create a new account?
5. Why is there a new system?
6. Who to contact with questions on either account?
7. How do I change the date of birth for a family member?
8. Is an online account required to register for activities?