My neighbor has a tree hanging over my fence. What can I do?

Unfortunately this is a civil issue. You can either visit your local library or visit the Development Services Center to check out "Neighbor Law" by Nolo Press. This book is a good resource regarding civil issues such as trees, fences, and noise concerns.

I have mold. What should I do?

If you are having a mold problem, please view the following publication prepared by the California Department of Public Health: Mold or Moisture in My Home: What Do I Do? Mold is frequently a sign of water intrusion. City inspectors will inspect areas where mold is present for possible water intrusion and require the appropriate corrective action. If there is a need to determine specific types of mold, it may be required to hire an Industrial Hygienist.

I turned in a complaint last week. Why hasn’t the City done anything yet?

It’s likely that the Code Enforcement division has already started investigating your complaint. Part of an investigation involves researching property ownership, title, occupants, past or current permits, prior Code Enforcement actions, etc. The investigation may also involve working closely with other departments and/or agencies. A significant portion of Code Enforcement investigations are performed “behind the scenes” by exchanging correspondence with the violator, sending legal notices, etc. When the violator fails or refuses to correct the violation, Code Enforcement initiates a formal legal process to compel compliance, which may extend the amount of time to resolve the violation. Our policy is that once an investigation is open, we do not provide any information on the actions taken by the City while that case is active.

What do I do if I receive a letter or a warning notice?

Courtesy Notices: This letter is intended to merely advise you that a violation of an applicable law has been observed. After receipt of the letter, you may: Correct the problem. Contact the Code Enforcement Officer assigned to review compliance options. If you have not corrected the violation, as identified in the Courtesy Notice, you may be subject to additional enforcement action. If it is determined that a violation exists on the property, you will be notified by an official “Notice and Order to Abate” or “Administrative Notice.” The notice will state specific Code sections for which you are in violation, the remedies available to you, and any fines, charges, and/or penalties that you will be assessed. If you receive one of these official “Notices,” you should contact the Code Enforcement Officer assigned to your case as soon as possible.

I'm having issues with my landlord/tenant. What should I do?

Please contact Fremont Landlord Tenant Services at (510) 574-2270 for any legal advice on housing issues.

How can I find out if I have asbestos in my home?

Please view the following fact sheet from the California Department of Public Health: Asbestos in the Home and Workplace.