What is a street tree?

Street trees are any trees growing within the public right-of-way. The boundaries of the public right-of-way vary amongst neighborhoods but generally are ten feet back from a curb or sidewalk. 

Understanding the difference between a street tree and a private tree is important because the 50-50 Street Tree and Sidewalk Programs cover only work associated with street trees.

Typical Residential Street Tree

Typical Residential Street Tree

Typical Business Street Trees

Typical Street Tree in Front of a Business

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1. What is a street tree?
2. Who is responsible for maintaining street trees and sidewalks?
3. Can I do the tree work myself or have my gardener do this?
4. Why do I need a tree permit?
5. What criteria do you use to decide if a permit for tree removal will be approved?
6. How long does it take for a tree permit to get approved or denied?
7. What is tree topping?
8. The topped tree was here when I purchased the house. Am I still responsible to fix it?
9. This tree has been pruned like this (topped) for years. Why did I receive a notice about it now?
10. The tree is alive, why do I need to remove it?
11. How do I report a tree down on the sidewalk or street?
12. Tips for hiring tree professionals
13. What if I am concerned or would like to file a complaint about a neighbor’s tree?
14. Can I plant a street tree?