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50-50 Sidewalk Program Reimbursement

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  2. 50-50 Sidewalk Program Reimbursement Application

    The 50-50 Sidewalk Program provides reimbursement of up to 50% of the cost of sidewalk removal and replacement, to a maximum of $1500 per property.

    To apply you must submit:
    • A contractor's invoice that includes a bid breakdown showing separate costs for concrete demolition, repair, and replacement .
    • Proof of payment; i.e.copy of cleared endorsed check or bank provided proof of payment

  3. (510) 555-1212
  4. 39550 Liberty St.
  5. Should the check be mailed to this address?*
  6. Invoice shows square footage of sidewalk replaced and cost of sidewalk replacement work separate from any other work.
  7. Copy of both sides of cleared, endorsed check, bank provided proof of payment, or credit card statement.
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