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  1. 50-50 Reimbursement Application

    The 50-50 Street Tree Program provides reimbursement of up to 50% of the cost of tree pruning, removal and replacement, up to a maximum of $750 per tree (two trees per property maximum)

    To apply you must submit:

    • Tree permit Number
    • A copy of contractor's invoice
    • Proof of payment; i.e.copy of cleared endorsed check or bank provided proof of payment
    • Before and after photographs of tree work

  2. City of Fremont Logo
  3. Front & back of endorsed check or bank provided proof of payment
  4. Image of tree before pruning is done. This is required for reimbursement for pruning work.
  5. For Pruning: image of pruned tree. For Removal and Replacement: image of new tree in the ground.
  6. Invoice Sample for 50-50 Program
  7. Endorsed Check Sample for 50-50 Program
  8. Thank you for your submission.

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