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PROPERTY OWNER: Online Tree Permit Application

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  2. A topped tree versus a healthy tree, please do not top trees
  4. Sample 510-494-4730
  5. Sample:
  6. Have you received a courtesy notice from the City?*
  7. Example: 2021-09-08_001

  8. What would you like to do?*
  9. Where is the tree?*
  10. Do you have sidewalk damage associated with the tree that you are interested in fixing?*
    Find out about getting financial help with sidewalks.
  11. If you are pruning a tree, please attach photos below.

  12. Removal and Replacement

    Fill out if you are applying to remove and replace a tree.


    A tree removal permit may be issued if one of the following criteria is met:

    • The tree poses a substantial hazard to people or property
    • The tree is dead, dying or has short life expectancy
    • The tree is seriously diseased
    • The tree is part of a group that is overcrowded
    • The tree has caused extensive utility damage (sewer, water main, power lines,etc.)
    • The tree has caused extensive concrete or property damage
    • The tree has been damaged to the extent that it cannot be feasibly restored

  13. Why do you want to remove your tree?
  14. I have read the tree removal criteria above, and my tree meets one of the criterion.
  15. Do you have a development application pending or contemplated with the City?
  16. Note: You can indicate a preference in the comment box, and we will take your preference under consideration. Urban Forestry staff will ultimately determine species of tree by available planting space and location.
  17. I understand that City Staff will ultimately select the tree planted.
  18. For tree pruning or removal and replacement, you can help speed processing time by submitting images similar to these examples.

  19. Whole Tree with Leaves
    Showing whole tree with canopy
  20. Trunk Structure
    Shows trunk structure
  21. Root Structure
    Sample showing root structure
  22. If you are unable to upload images here, please send them via email
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