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1. What time do the movies start?
2. Are masks mandatory?
3. Vehicle Restrictions?
4. Can I smoke at the park?
5. May I buy parking at the gate?
6. How do we listen to the movie?
7. May I listen in another language?
8. Will there be closed captions?
9. Does my car have to be on the whole time?
10. Will my car battery die while listening?
11. May I bring my pet in the car with me?
12. May I come in and RV, camper, or oversized truck?
13. May I sit in the bed of my truck?
14. Are there restrooms?
15. Is there assigned parking?
16. Are trucks or taller vehicles going to be parked further away?
17. May I park near my friends?
18. May I save spots for someone coming later?
19. May I come in a motorcycle?
20. May I purchase tickets online?
21. May I buy food during the movie?
22. Where do I pickup my food preorder?
23. May I leave during the movie and come back?
24. What do I do with my garbage?
25. What happens if there is inclement weather?
26. What kind of screen is used to show the movies?
27. I am running late, May I arrive after the movie has started?
28. If I don’t make it to the movie, may I have a refund or use that ticket for another week?