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1. What type of alerts and notifications will I receive?
2. How will I receive these alerts and notifications?
3. Is any of my contact information already in the AC Alert system database?
4. Why do I need to include my street address?
5. What do I do if I move or change my phone number?
6. If I have provided more than one phone number, what number will be called?
7. What if I have more than two phone numbers I want to register?
8. What if my child goes to school in Fremont but I live outside of Fremont, can I register?
9. What if I work in Fremont but live outside of Fremont, can I register?
10. Is my personal contact information secured?
11. Can TDD/TTY equipment receive the call?
12. How do I register if I am a business?
13. What should I expect if I receive a Fremont Emergency Alert telephone message?
14. How does AC Alert respond if a line is busy?
15. Who can I contact for more information?