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1. Why were existing camps cancelled?
2. Are there Summer Camps available for registration?
3. What camps are being offered?
4. Can I register my child just for 1-week?
5. How can I register for Summer Camps?
6. Is the Registration Desk at City Hall open?
7. What is a camp pod?
8. What safety measures are you taking at Summer Camps?
9. I registered for an existing camp, what are my options?
10. I have questions? Who can I ask?
11. Will the kids need to wear masks all day?
12. Will the staff wear masks/face covering?
13. Does the parent need to wear a mask/face covering?
14. How many staff per camp?
15. What is staff doing to keep my child safe?
16. Will staff be taking temperatures every day?
17. Do you have extended care?
18. What is the COVID-19 Kit Fee?
19. Where can I find updates on facilities, parks, playgrounds, etc?
20. Are transfers allowed once a camp has started?
21. Is the COVID-19 Kit Fee refundable?