Tree Permits

Permit Timeline

Due to current staff shortages and workload, there may be delays in processing permit applications. 

  • The Urban Forestry Section attempts to provide a 2-4 week turnaround, but please allow the full 4 weeks before reaching out to check on the application's status. 
  • Calls to the Tree Permit team should be returned or responded to within 2-3 business days.
A topped tree versus a healthy tree, please do not top trees

Do I need a Tree Permit?

In most cases you need a permit to prune or remove a tree in your front yard. A permit is always required to remove, prune or plant a tree near a sidewalk or street. Permits are also required to remove trees anywhere on lots over 10K square feet. This applies to residents, HOA's and businesses. Your contractor can apply for a permit for you.

How to Get a Permit


Find an approved tree contractor


Tree contractor applies for a tree permit for you


Work Begins after the tree permit is approved

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Contractor Tree Permit Application

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Tree Removal Criteria

A tree removal permit may be issued if one of the following criteria is met: 

  • The tree poses a substantial hazard to people or property
  • The tree is dead, dying or has a short life expectancy
  • The tree is seriously diseased
  • The tree is part of a group that is overcrowded
  • The tree has caused extensive utility damage (sewer, water main, power lines,etc.)
  • The tree has caused extensive concrete or property damage
  • The tree has been damaged to the extent that it cannot be feasibly restored

A tree removal permit will not be issued:

  • If there is a reasonable alternative to removal (such as maintenance) tree preservation will be prioritized.
  • Dropped leaves or fruit are not valid reasons for tree removal.

Financial Help

50-50 Street Tree Program Information and 50-50 Sidewalk Repair Program (for sidewalks damaged by Street Trees)

Approved Street Trees

Tree Code, The Laws that Govern Trees in Fremont.

Maintenance of Street Trees and Sidewalks, Chapter 12.30, Fremont Municipal Code

Tree Preservation, Chapter 18.215, Fremont Municipal Code

Tree Permit Application

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